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Andrew Aguirre

A graduate of the University of Advancing Technology, Andrew is an enthusiastic and award-winning video editor, winning the 2016 Independent Feature Project-Phoenix Best Editing Award. 

With over six years of experience in creating videos for local and national organizations, he has hands on experience in various roles of production ranging from pre-to-post. He’s ready to do his part and will fill any role necessary to bring videos to life. Whether it’s manning the lights, behind the camera or staged with audio, Andrew is just as comfortable on set as he is in the editing bay. His university professor, Paul DeNigris used to say, “Everybody grips, everybody rotos,” meaning everyone should contribute wherever and whenever they can, to which Andrew couldn’t agree more. 

His experience includes videos for marketing, advertising, testimonials, short films, and non-profit organizations. Collaborating closely with project leaders as well as working independently, Andrew strives to deliver the final product on-time while exceeding expectations. Proud of his work and the work that he does, he is committed to making videos the best they can be and is always ready to take on a new challenge. 

Knowledgeable in the Adobe Creative Suite including Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder, Photoshop and Lightroom with added experience in Avid, Final Cut Pro, and NukeX. 

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"The process of editing is what I enjoy most. Putting the pieces together and making sense out of them."

Christian Marclay

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